How to use Milestone Cards

Milestone cards are a great way to visually capture each step of a newborns first year of life. These images can be shared with friends and family to showcase the age of the baby and to demonstrate their growth if compared to the months prior.

A few tips for taking great milestone photos:

Consistency – taking each photo in the same pose, on the same background and in the same outfit (if possible) makes for better comparison photos.

Lighting – natural light is always best for taking these shots. The best time is in the middle of the day when sunlight is at its peak.

Be creative – Use props to make your milestone photos unique and to make them stand out.

Camera angle – it is best to take the shots from directly above your baby so that you can see all of the baby and the card in proportion. Use some toys as a point of distraction at the top if the camera so that the baby looks at the camera.

Get help - a second pair of hands to help to distract the baby during the photo shoot is helpful and as they get older and wriggle, this second pair of hands becomes important to help readjust the position of the baby.

Take lots of photos – the more photos you take, the more likely that the perfect shot will be taken.

How to use Miles Cards - Billy Baby Co