The truth about baby milestones…

The truth about baby milestones…
23rd September 2019

Hello and welcome to our blog for our first post! It has been quite the adventure to get to this point. With baby Billy being born Feb 2018, he is now a thriving 1.5 year old and has proved to be a smart little boy, who enjoys nothing more than playing with his friends from mothers group and watching the Wiggles.

However, Billy wasn’t always looking like he was developing as fast as the other kids his age were. In fact, he was slow to take to eating, slow to sit up, slow to walk and slow to talk. He didn’t seem as invested in his toys as other kids and was less interactive than other kids a few weeks younger than him. The one thing Billy was good at was sleeping through the night which he did every night from6.5 months old thanks to some much-needed advice from one of the mums in my mothers group.

It was at this point that I was developing the concept for the Billy Baby Milestone Cards and noticed that a lot of cards were all about ‘I rolled over today’, ‘I sat up today’, ‘I slept through the night’, etc. I created cards like this with my designs that were designed to grow in detail as the baby grows. However, it occurred to me that not all babies develop at the same rate. Where one baby might sit up at 4 months, another might not until 6 or later. I knew from Billy’s progress that he didn’t always hit the milestones as detailed in the Baby Milestone Cards and I didn’t want to feel bad about this or make other mums feel bad about the development of their baby, as in most cases their child will grow to be perfectly normal.

I discovered during this time that not all babies develop at the same rate; boys develop slower than girls in general, premmie babies may not develop as fast as a baby that went to full term. So, I dropped the milestones that described actions and behaviours of babies and simply stuck to age-related milestones. I think that this helps all babies to instead be in a level playing field and doesn’t give mothers a hard time about their baby’s development when their child is perfectly normal.

Billy is now a bright child, walking and talking more than some of this friends but it was not without worry that we got to this point. Mothers have enough stress without the added stress of whether or not a baby is developing fast enough.

Enjoy all of the time with baby…and be sure to have realistic expectations of baby’s development.

X Leah


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