How much is too much?

How much is too much?

Billy has started to string two words together.

“More Tuba” he says.

‘Tuba’ is half of the title of his favourite Wiggles song that he watches on YouTube on our loungeroom TV. He loves that song so much that he wakes up asking for Tuba. He has also learnt an action from the music video that he used to use before he could say ‘Tuba’ to let me know that he wanted to watch it. No matter where we are,  what time it is or what the situation is, Tuba is at the forefront of his little mind.

He asks for it when we are in the supermarket, the car, when he’s in bed, when he’s playing, when he’s with his friends. A million times a day.

It’s easier to brush off your child’s request for their favourite song when they cannot communicate. But in a few short weeks, he has gone from learning the word ‘more’ and put it together with the word ‘Tuba’. Am I happy that my child’s first 2 words strung together are ‘more Tuba’? Of course not. ‘Thanks Mum’ or ‘Please Mum’ might have been nicer. But that was never going to happen. So, I will settle for our current situation.

It’s only a 2 minute 50 second video and is my nearly 3 minutes of peace where I can assume some sort of normal while he starts up at the TV in awe of Emma Wiggle and her friends. Here’s my chance to go to the bathroom! But once it’s over, he wants me to play it again. And again. And again.

I hear it when Billy is not even home. I will be in the car and Billy will be at daycare and it is in my head. Over and over and over.

Tuba has been asked for so many times that eventually it wears you down and when your child is screaming, hasn’t slept all day and won’t eat and you’re exhausted from a day of chasing them around, cleaning up after mess….you just give in. But then I start to think: how much more of this can I take?

Recently, we were given a CD (yes, they still exist!) of the old (sorry, meant to refer to them as ‘classic’) Wiggles which said best hits and rare songs. Billy and I went for a long drive and I inserted the CD for the first time, ready to hear new songs of the Wiggles and escape the wrath of Tuba.

Guess what is on track 7? Yep.

After it plays, I hear the same thing coming from the back seat “More Tuba”.

So here I am, slightly going insane as the Wiggles slowly take over my life. I’ve decided to have some Wiggle-free days, maybe like 2 a week.

Will I last? Probably not.

Leah x


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